Earn passive income on the Elrond network, up to 700% APR

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1 min readDec 21, 2021

The journey in the Elrond network starts with Maiar App and Wallet that can be used to deposit Fiat and buy eGLD tokens. You can also use Maiar to stake eGLD and earn fine yields ~15% APR.

Recently the new Maiar Exchange was launched, bringing new earnings possibilities to the Elrond network. The exchange can also be used to swap eGLD into MEX or RIDE token.

I started my investments in the stock market and crypto a few years ago but so far, I haven’t found a well-established passive income platform that can increase my revenue so much.

Here are the yields (36% APR — 662% APR) provided by the Maiar Exchange in December 2021:

You can mostly earn new MEX tokens which have a great long-term potential and can be exchanged into eGLD or the impressive new token RIDE.

Join us and make the tokens great again! Get Maiar APP.

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Written by Gabriel Voicu — Senior Principal Lead Software Engineer @ Dell Technologies