Log4J, the monster from your yard


The CISA Director, Jen Easterly, says that the Log4J recent issue (Log4Shell) is one of the biggest security issues ever seen.

The Log4J issues in the software applications might affect millions of devices.

This time we got a fast patch, and the developers could quickly secure most of the critical applications just by upgrading the Log4J core dependency.

Next time we might not get so lucky, and millions of devices could get infected, equipment malfunction, cars crash, or even planes.

Most of the time software and technology make our life easier, especially in times like this (COVID-19), but developers should be careful, write code that works but is also secure, easy to maintain, and upgrade.

Java Brains has a nice video on the Log4Shell issue:

Originally published at https://www.weinspire.tech on December 21, 2021.



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Written by Gabriel Voicu — Senior Principal Lead Software Engineer @ Dell Technologies